FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the most frequently asked questions asked of us.  

Q: It's my first visit for a haircut at the QG and I see four different haircut types, what are the differences and which should I choose? 

A: First of all the Precision Haircut is the longest service of all four (45 minutes). We recommend that all new clients to the QG select this service in order to better get an assessment of your needs.  We can't add more time to your service if it turns out that your particular hair type, style or length demands it.  After your first service, we can take notes, add a picture of the finished haircut and give you a recommendation on what to book for the future. 

Please book the Precision Haircut for the following reasons:

  • Scissor Cut
  • Straight Razor Skin Fade
  • Looking for a dramatic change in style
  • If it has been over 3 months since your last service

A Buzzcut (15 minutes) is one clipper length all over with no fading or blending (a fifteen minute service).

A Shape up/Line up (15 minutes) is using a trimmer to "tighten or clean up" the "outline" or  edges of your hair line, i.e., forehead, temple, around the ears and neck.

Our Haircut Service (30 minutes) is our most popular service and intended to maintain your current appearance. 

The Haircut and Precision Haircut services include a hair wash/rinse and all hair services include a razor outline.  

Q: Is a beard trim part of the haircut?

A: Not if you want it trimmed properly. Your facial hair trim takes time for our grooming team to do it properly.  If you beard is particularly long, please consider the Quinntessential Beard trim which gives us additional time to use all of the tools at our disposal. A basic beard trim geared for those looking for just a trim can book only though a combination haircut and beard trim service. 

Q: Why is a credit card required when making an appointment?

A: For two reasons: First, because of COVID 19, we have tried to reduce or eliminate touch points throughout our experience.  If you use the credit you store with us securely, it will allow for touch-less transactions.

Secondly, just as when you secure a reservation for a hotel, restaurant or rental car, In order to hold a reservation, a valid credit card is required.  Cancellation fees do apply to appointments missed. Our cancellation policy is posted on the right side of our online booking portal and a link on the bottom of our scheduling app.

Q: I need to cancel or reschedule my current appointment, can someone help me?  I have an appointment today and will be running late, will this be okay?  I would like to adjust or add to my scheduled appointments. 

A:  If your appointment is today, please text the QG Downtown at 410 618 1704 or QG Hunt Valley at 443 979 8930, with your name, phone number, and time of appointment.  All appointments follow the QG Cancellation Policy posted on the right side of our online booking portal and a link on the bottom of our scheduling app.

Q: Will being late affect the service I've scheduled?

A: Yes! Your appointment time is reserved for you and our goal is to start your service at your appointment time. If your service provider has been late in the past, it is almost always because the client prior to you was late. Going forward we have decided to be more stringent in our enforcement of our late policy since a client that is early should not have to suffer the consequences of another client's lateness and a weakly enforced policy.  

Specifically for the Barbershop and using a haircut as an example, if you are more than 5 minutes late from being in the chair due to your being late, we reserve the right to eliminate the wash and razor outline.  If you are 10  or more minutes from being in the chair, we will have to reschedule you and charge you the 50% cancellation fee, since we weren't able to perform the service that you reserved without impinging on our next client.  For the spa, your amount of being late will not extend your finish time and you will be charged the same amount of the service you reserved. 

Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to your barbershop appointment, 10 minutes early for your spa appointment especially if you did not fill out the online form sent to you in your confirmation. If you are driving please consider allotting extra time due to traffic and parking.  Directions and parking guidance can be found on our home page.  

Q: If I am driving, where do you recommend I park?

A: Your options are street and garage parking.  We do want to give a warning that between 3pm and 6pm, parking on Calvert Street is not allowed for "commuter traffic" and your vehicle could be towed, so we do not recommend parking on the street if your appointment time ends at 3pm or afterwards.  For a discount on parking in a garage please use the Harbor Place Garage with an entrance and exit on South or S. Calvert Streets detailed in our blog.  

Q: What is the QG? 

A: The QG has forever changed the way professionals take care of themselves and their appearance by taking their "to do's" and making them into "experiences". We deliver happiness while reducing your decision fatigue with our one stop destination, social club atmosphere, hospitality and expertise because we believe looking should be fun and easy.  This is only fully realized through our membership program that assigns you a membership concierge who will be your personal stylist and trusted advisor to help maximize your experience. 

Q: What is a membership at the QG?

A: The QG membership is a culmination of our vision that "looking good should be fun and easy".  The QG is the third space for many of our members (The third space is a where you spend your time when you are not at home or the office). A member at the QG must have demonstrated professional success and solid personal reputation. An application results in an interview to ensure that the membership benefits both parties. An additional interview allows us to get to know how we can take care of all of your personal to do's so you can focus your time in what you do best.  Afterward each member is paired with a membership concierge who helps you look your best and facilitate your needs. A QG member has access to our exclusive cigar lounge, exclusive offers, member's remote work perks (privacy seating and sound proof booth), exclusive events as well as use of their minimum to spend on any of our services, retail and/or food/beverage. 

Q:  I am on the app or online booking and don’t see my regular service provider available today?  or I do not view any appointments open today?  I do not have any options for a haircut, is something wrong?

A:  The QG App and website will display Services and Service Providers that are available to book appointments on that specific date.  If you do not view a day, or time, or service, or service provider availability, the appointment is already booked.  Hint:  Online or the QG app, choose “other” service provider or a future date in order to see more options.  Members can call their membership concierge for "member only" appointment availability. 

Q: Are children welcome for services?

A: The QG has many client children and teens who receive grooming service at the QG. We love being part of the first haircut experience and the many father-son appointments. However our commitment is to provide a safe, proper, and enjoyable experience for all our clients.  If provider has to end service abruptly due to inability of the child to stay still or composed, we will then follow our cancellation policy by requesting payment for time booked. If you have any questions or concerns about booking your child, please feel free to contact us at the hello@theqg.com.  Spa treatments and therapy sessions are for clients 18 years and older. For additional policy information regarding children's haircut services, please read our post.  

Q:  I am calling to book an appointment and unable to get a hold of someone.  

A:  Best method to book an appointment, download the QG app on your respective app store or click on this link: Book QG Appointment

Due to increased volume of demand, we ask clients to utilize our app and/or website for bookings/shopping/and QG information.  Also, feel free to email non-immediate questions to hello@theqg.com


Q: Do I need a reservation at your restaurant/bar Clock? 

A: Clock Restoration is a speakeasy style restaurant bar featuring comfort food and prohibition era cocktails.  Although, Clock is a semi private space, the bar is open to the public and does not require reservations. The bar is through the main lobby of QG and on the right up the elevator to the 6th floor.  If you do not know the code on the key pad, call 443-203-1888 and let the staff know your name, party size and how you were referred.  You also can make a reservation here.

Q: Is the cigar lounge open to the public?

A: The cigar lounge is a private lounge for members only. Please apply here for membership.

Q: QG Tailor: How can I check on the status of my tailoring alterations and where can I find a menu and pricing of services.

A: You can text 410-493-0287. Please state your name and/or ticket number along with due date.  The alterations are typically completed by the end of business.  Our menu of services and pricing is available here.