Many of our clients search for an escape where they can enjoy the finer things in life. The QG's signature upscale barbershop, a relaxing massage, a good cigar with friends, hosting a guest for a cocktail to close a deal or having a remote work space that's not a coffee shop.  Our membership dues are a $100 a month and includes a cigar or wine locker, exclusive access to the cigar lounge and the 6th floor clubhouse/private room. In addition there is a $400 a month minimum you can spend anyway you like on any service, all retail and gifting, exclusive events and/or food & beverage. Membership is limited and exclusive to those with demonstrated professional success and solid reputation.  

To Apply for a Membership contact our membership director Rusty Ortiz through email: with a subject of member application. Include your profession and any member or client referral.  

Buy a membership for a month or year as a gift!