Clock Restoration Restaurant & Bar



Through the 80's and 90's, 31 S. Calvert Street was home to Dahne & Weinstein Jewelers who offered clock and watch repairs.  Honoring the history of our building, we aptly named our speakeasy inspired restaurant and bar, "Clock Restoration".  

Reservations & Menu:

We feature comfort food and prohibition style handcrafted cocktails.  Although, Clock Restoration includes a private member's only area, the bar and restaurant is open to the public and does not require reservations although recommended.  You can make a reservation here. We regularly have food and drink features so ask you bartender. Our lunch - dinner, cocktail and brunch menu is either available below or digitally here.

Directions & Access:

Enter into the main lobby of the QG off of Calvert Street and enter the elevator on the right side. Press the code on the keypad and press the 6th floor.  The bar is on your right and the bartender with help you find seating or you are welcome to have a seat at the bar. If you are still confused, call 443-203-1888, and let us know you your party size and who referred you. 

Clock Code Clue (5 numbers):

  • 1st number - "love" in tennis
  • 2nd two numbers - "Jackie Robinson"
  • Last two numbers - Japanese slang for "thank you"


    Tuesday through Friday:11:30 am-10:00pm or based upon bar volume.
    Saturday: 10 am-9pm or based upon bar volume, Sunday & Monday: CLOSED, 443-203-1888.


    Rent Space or Book a Party:

    Available for Parties, Cocktail Classes and Events upon Request

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