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The QG understood that professional men were looking for more than shorter as an answer to their grooming needs. Way back in 2005 we also knew that a man's time was better utilized by making an appointment versus waiting for an hour or more staring at others getting a haircut.  Against all odds, we brought back traditional services like the straight razor shave, a barber facial and a scalp massage (classic barber experience) that make your stay an experience to relax and enjoy. Welcome to the QG where we make it fun and easy to look your best so you can focus on your success!  If it's is your first time with us, we do recommend you booking the precision haircut so we can have more time for a consultation and note taking. Then we can recommend the best service for your next visit.  Book an appointment here


A detailed haircut tailored to your specifications with straight razor neck/sideburn shave. Includes a hair wash and conditioning rinse. *A buzzcut & beard trim combination can also be performed by booking this service. $42.00 30min

Haircut & Beard Trim Combination

It is our most popular haircut service as described above with a basic beard trim. This beard trim is for shorter trim with minimal shaping and includes a trimmer line-up. *A head shave & beard trim combination can also be performed by booking this service  $64.00 45min

Precision Haircut

This is our longest hair service for those looking to achieve a more precise look and style. Our Executive Groomers may choose to shampoo and condition prior to the service. We finish with a straight razor neck and sideburn outline. We also recommend this service for the following reasons: first time clients, complete scissor cuts, first time request for a skin fade, looking for a dramatic change in style or if it has been over 3 months since your last service. $64.00 45min

Skin Fade

A fade to skin is booked for 45 minutes to achieve this precision blend. This service also includes a straight razor shave to the fade line and followed by a shampoo and conditioning rinse. $54.00 45min

Buzzcut or Line-up/Shape-up

A buzzcut is an entire one-length clipper cut followed by a straight razor neck shave. A line-up/shape is a trimmer clean-up around the hairline, sideburns, ears, and neck only, followed by a straight razor outline. $24.00 15min

Children's 12 & Under Haircut

Our entry point service to your budding Quinntessential Gentleman. This is a basic haircut service without the bells and whistles or time allotted of our standard adult haircut which includes a razor outline and rinse (15min vs. 30min). If you are looking for additional consultation, precision, or the same adult haircut service or it has been over 3 months, please book our standard haircut or precision haircut service. Please arrive early for this appt due to its shortened nature. $24.00 30min

Straight Razor Face or Head Shave

The Classic Straight Razor Shave starts with steaming towels and pre-shave oils. After applying hot lather against the grain of your whiskers, the QG grooming experts will shave with the grain. Soothing aftershave is massaged into the skin followed with an ice-cold towel. $42.00 30min

Quinntessential Beard Trim

This is our only beard trim that can be booked stand alone. Barbers will use scissors, clippers and trimmers to shape the beard followed by a straight razor outline and beard wash. Ask your barber to recommend one of our many beard products to condition and style. $42.00 30min

Quinntessential Face Shave

The Classics Straight Razor Face Shave done twice, but the second pass with the straight razor is done against the grain of your whiskers to achieve a closer shave $64.00 45min

Quinntessential Head Shave

The Classics Straight Razor Head Shave done twice, but the second pass with the straight razor is done against the grain of your whiskers to achieve a closer shave.$64.00 45min

The Classic Barber Experience

The QG pays homage to the artisanship of the original barber profession with a combination of two services. The first is a Barber Facial consisting of a deep cleansing, exfoliation, and nourishment of the skin. Next, we perform a Scalp Massage consisting of several classic techniques to increase circulation, relaxation and ease tension in the scalp.  $42.00 30min