We are Hiring at the QG!

Discover Your Best by Discovering Their Best

The QG's mission is to disrupt how professionals take care of themselves and their appearance by reducing stress and decision fatigue with our one stop destinations and social club experience because we believe looking good should be fun and easy. 

QG Core Values:

Humility - Are you a team player that is about the mission first? Meaning do you believe 1 plus 1 can actually add up to 3 or more?

Deliver Happiness - Do you get joy from others fulfillment? We want to deliver happiness in experience with Disney theme parks as our aspiration.

A2FSO - Do you have the ability to figure stuff out? Getting to the root cause of a problem is the way to get to the answer. 

0% Reactivity - Are you into systems? Instead of fixing a problem once as it happens, we need solve it a second time with a system that is accessible and available to everyone.

Extreme Ownership - Do you take responsibility instead of blaming others? Stepping up to the plate is how we learn and overlap in a small company.

Be a Guide - Do you have empathy for others? Long term success happens when you understand others needs, help them with their problems and help them become the hero.  

Accountability - Do you believe what gets measured gets done? Daily success stories is our fuel to do it again! 

Are you up for the challenge? 

Currently Hiring:

Executive Assistant: An executive assistant at the QG allows the managerial team to focus on the core drivers of the business and facilitates the systems and reporting that allows them to do that.  Musts: advanced spreadsheet skills, attention to detail, ability to follow and create systems and processes, and deadline/deliverables tracking. This position can be virtual/remote, but occasional ability to meet in person is helpful.  Email your resume and quick description of why you meet the above criteria to hello@theqg.com 

Operations Manager: An operation manager at the QG is to focus on making our mission a reality by reducing team and client friction through team problem solving and have a proven track record of doing this in the past.  Musts:  Spreadsheet expertise, strong organization skills, project management execution, scheduling proper meeting cadences and communication strategies and a track record of mentorship/empowerment. Email your resume and quick description of why you meet the above criteria to hello@theqg.com 

Buyer/Online Store Manager: A buyer at the QG will be responsible for vendor relations and executing product buys for our clientele as well as manage our online store.  Musts: Spreadsheet expertise, strong organization skills, strong ability to figure stuff out especially with cloud software, backend point of sale/website expertise, proven communication/project execution, and event planning and experience with shopify would be a plus. Email your resume and quick description of why you meet the above criteria to hello@theqg.com