Donation Requests

The QG has been supporting it's patrons for requests for donations since our founding. In 2010, we started QG Community Charities which holds a yearly fundraising event called Bourbon and Bowties to support local charities or charities that do work locally. We have supported the following organizations: Cool Kids Campaign, Semper Fi & America's Fund, Harlem Lacrosse of Baltimore, Oyster Recovery Partnership, Healthcare for the Homeless, National Federation of the Blind, and crime victim Shannon Dudley. 

For donation requests, preference is given to current patrons, but because of the volume or requests, we may not be able to grant each of them. For more details, read additional information below and fill out our form. 


Buy a $50, and the QG supports your charity with a $10 donation.

The QG's gift card "get back" program is our most successful donation program that in most all cases will be approved. We will donate $10 of every purchase of individually purchased $50 gift cards (one purchase per person only). Once a charity or non-profit has been approved, we provide a gift card link with your charity or non profit designation. This program is the easiest and most successful way we have experienced for charities to raise money. You can scale it to your benefactors through email link or an auction QR code. Please fill out the form above and put "gift card get back program" in the request. 

We do kindly ask that requesters help us in turn, by sharing their experience at the QG or from their donation on Yelp or google maps. Reviews more than ever post covid are essential in helping inform potential customers.