Children's Haircut Policy

Our FAQ's detail that we are honored to be part of the parent/child haircut experience. We have performed several hundred first haircuts for children of our great client and members. In addition, we have many Dads and sons make the QG a frequent stop to bond around our services as well. However because our commitment to guest satisfaction, we do have requirements that must be met prior to scheduling an appointment:

1. We do not offer a discount for children's services. 

2. The child must be able to sit still for approximately a half hour. The requirement of a parent restraining their child is not acceptable and will result in immediate termination of service and trigger our cancellation policy to cover for the reserved appointment time.

3. Quiet enjoyment for all of our guests and staff is a premium guarantee that QG offers. If during a service, a child or parent is unable to remain composed, we will have to immediately terminate service and trigger our cancellation policy to cover for our reserved appointment time. We also recommend arriving early for your appointment, so we can ensure enough time to complete the service.


After the service, the staff will be happy to take a portrait with the family as well as save a locket of hair as a keepsake.  If you have any question about booking a service for a child please email us at with the subject of "children's haircut".