More capacity with your Preferred Barber or your Massage Therapist


This is a breakthrough for our current customers who have preferences who they go to in our Barbershop and Spa. Have you gone to our app or online booking portal to find that you preferred provider (barber, massage therapist or esthetician) was booked at your preferred times or even for a whole day. 

We have just implemented a new addition to our booking algorithm that will move guests who don't have a preference to another service provider and allow you to see their availability so you can book with your preference. An example would be if you were looking to book at 5pm today and you select your preferred barber, it would search to see if the other guest who actually booked that appointment prior at 5pm had chosen a barber preference. If not, it will move the guest to another available barber and allow you to have that slot. This new program allows you and other guests more opportunity to book with us at your preferred time and preferred provider. 

This can be used for all of our services in the barbershop and spa and at both locations in Hunt Valley and Downtown.

If you don't currently have the app you can download it here.

Over the next several weeks were are looking forward to introducing you more upgrades to our software that will continue making it easier to book your appointments and give your more options. 

In addition, we have added new hours at our downtown location barber services. We will now be open on Thursdays from 6 to 8pm in our retail department on the 5th floor to make a truly one stop destination. Read more about it here

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