Hold off the price increase with the QG "GO" App


Many of you have asked how we are doing and if we are going to make it through the pandemic as a small business after being shuttered for many months and put through additional restrictions for almost a year and a half.

We truly appreciate your concern, but looming larger on the horizon for us have been the increased costs and staffing issues due to the downstream effects of the COVID pandemic.  As our clientele is coming back to the offices, we are struggling keeping up with the demand and it has regrettably resulted in much longer than expected wait to make appointment. 

With that being said, to successfully emerge and deal with the reality just stated, we are forced raise prices and reinstate a premium on our senior staff after a 5 year freeze. The most popular haircut service will go to $38 for our Grooming Executives and $42 for our Senior Grooming Executives with similar price increases across the board.

However, join either of these following programs and we will postpone the price increase until November 1st.

1. Download the app and use the new "GO" function which allows you to check-in and check-out just by opening your app when you walk into either our downtown or Hunt Valley locations.  

2. If you prefer to have a more personalized services, JOIN OUR NEW membership program that assigns you to a personal Membership Concierge in which you can call directly to make appointments, reservations, plan events, serve as a personal stylist or ask any questions directly.

Follow these easy steps to start "GO" and save!

STEP 1: Download the APP.  Either go to Apple App or Google Play Store or use your camera to aim at the QR Code or search "The QG".  

Step 2: LOG IN! Some guests may already have an account while others will need to create one.  Guest who have already registered can just log into the mobile app.  Those who have never registered an online booking account or mobile app are asked to create a password.  

New Guests can sign up with email/mobile number and create a password - or can just sign up using social media accounts. 

Click on "Sign up with Email" or use social media account

Enter Details like name, phone, email etc. and create password

Step 3: Update settings in the app to enable self-check-in and auto-pay by going to my account and select "self-check-in", enable "location" and "notification" access.

Enable Auto-Pay by going to "My Account" and select "Auto-Pay Configuration". Add credit card and default tip amount.  

Step 4: Guest Self-Check-In.  Guest receives a reminder notification prior to their visit.  On Walking in the the location, the guest receives a notice to "self-check-in".   The service provider is notified once you do this as an alert on their device.

Step 5: Guest Auto-Checkout - "Auto-Pay" eliminates wait time after you complete the appointment.  You receive a payment confirmation on the go after Auto-Pay is processed, you can add additional tip on the go and share feedback all from your phone.