Helping Conduct Success!

QG Custom Tuxedo, Shirt and QG silk bowtie

Look your Best

Jonathon Heyward transitioned to take over as conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra last year becoming the youngest conductor of a major orchestra in the country. 

In moving to Baltimore and taking on this new position, he had little time to focus on anything else. That is when a BSO patron and QG customer made the introduction for us to help. He would need a tuxedo and a mix of casual to more formal options including an outfit for last years Preakness. 

This is the essence of what the QG does for it's mission. We find that men don't have enough time with all of their other responsibilities so they either fall short of looking professional or they have to spend to much time going to several places or waiting for packages. 

After a brief consultation, we assessed Jonathon's needs, did our measurements for ready to wear and custom and we quickly suggested a blended approach of ready to wear brands and custom options.

QG custom wool top coat, Barbour Vest, Duckhead Pullover


The QG also helps our members and clients see how pieces can be layered or worn separately for more flexibility instead of having to buy a wardrobe for every occasion or weather circumstance. Jonathan now has four different looks and combinations that he can easily pick from his closet. No one will know that he is using key pieces over and over again. 

QG Custom Blazer/Sports Coat, Shirt ~ 7 Downie, QG Pocket Square

Focus on your Success

Jonathon was able to focus on his move and his transition while the QG was behind the scenes helping his look the part of his actual success. We are thankful that he let us tell this story and we look forward to helping him and the BSO keep winning! 

What about you? 

How much do you have on your plate? Do you really have the time to visit seven different stores and even more websites to keep up with appearances? We want to make it fun and easy to look your best so you can focus on your success with our "one stop shop" and our staff of clothiers, barbers, spa professionals and concierge. Don't forget about our website where you can find tips on our blog or full online store. 

Interested in us helping you focus on your success. Our biggest recommendation is to consider our membership which will assign a membership concierge to guide you on this journey of focusing your attention and time where it needs to be spent.