The QG Life

Mother's Day Special

QG has a Mother’s Day special featuring Barbour

QG's Clothing Package of the Week

QG’s weekly vest, shirt, pant and shoe outfit of the week

Steak Special at QG's Clock Restoration

Steak and wine lovers unite here!

New! Craft beer growlers

Get local craft beer to go at the QG’s Clock Bar

How to rewax your Barbour

Barbour show us the step

Women's Spring Clothing Package of the week

Our weekly women’s spring jacket and shirt package

Men's Spring Clothing Outfit of the week

QG’s weekly spring jacket, shirt and pants package

Spring 2020 Menswear Shirting by Stenströms

One of the finest shirts in the world made by Stenstroms are available at the QG just delivered their Spring 20 Collection.

Cigar Happy Hour featuring Oliva

QG will be hosting a virtual cigar happy hour on Thursday the 9th at 6pm. Come buy a box of Oliva Cigars by takeout to get a special deal.

Take and Make your own Cocktails

We don’t have cocktail mixers yet but we do have the ingredients. Our new takeout offering is the main ingredients al. As of today we are featuri...

Barbour Women's Spring 2020 at the QG

Barbour Women’s Spring 2020 lookbook at the QG’s Downtown Baltimore and Hunt Valley Maryland locations


Although our cigar lounge in downtown Baltimore is closed temporarily due to covid 19, we are offering some great deals to pick up over the next week.