What is the Most Popular Barbour Jacket?

Trends come and go, but the iconic and distinguished look of a Barbour jacket consistently remains a sought-after style. Whether that be a classic wax jacket, a gilet, a waistcoat, or a parka, each piece of Barbour outerwear stays true to its roots to transform any ordinary outfit into something extraordinary. We offer a wide range of unique jackets in varied colourways and designs to suit different personal aesthetics, but despite this, there are some jackets that have earned the status of ‘iconic’. Keep reading to explore some of the most popular Barbour jackets in our collection, and what makes them so admired. 

Most Popular Men’s Barbour Jackets

Wax jackets are synonymous with the Barbour brand, as our signature jackets have exhibited unwavering popularity throughout the decades and continue to establish themselves as firm favourites amongst customers. However, as trends have changed and emerged, newer styles such as quilted jackets have quickly become popular in men’s fashion and are consistently making their way into wardrobes as must-have items.

What are the most popular waxed jackets for men?

A Barbour waxed jacket offers a timeless and defined style, so it's no wonder why they’re so popular. Our entire collection of waxed jackets is emblematic of our classic signature style and has been loved by wearers for years. When it comes to which options are the most popular, there are two that stand out. The Barbour Ashby and the Barbour Beaufort have consistently proved to be sought-after styles in men’s luxury fashion.


With their roots originating in equestrian and sports heritage, both designs showcase a relaxed fit with a shorter length. As the Ashby is a more contemporary jacket, it features a slightly longer length than the Beaufort, tailored to fit taller gentlemen and offer a more modernised look. Both waxed jackets are finished with a corduroy collar to accentuate the detailing of the design and create a well-rounded style. Additionally, both of these styles are created with a sylkoil coating, our oldest and most traditional waxed cotton, which gives a rich matte finish. The natural imperfections and colour variations of this type of waxed cotton shine through over time to add more character and embody our classic heritage.

Not only do these jackets exude a luxurious and timeless style, but the highest-quality materials and expert craftsmanship also ensures long-lasting durability, which only adds to their popularity. An always-trending jacket that can be restored and rewaxed to ensure it lasts a lifetime, these styles can easily become a staple piece in any man’s wardrobe. For a more in-depth look at each of these styles, you can read our detailed blogs on the Barbour Ashby and the Classic Beaufort.

Men’s quilted jackets

Another style that is rich in character is the quilted jacket which offers an alternative aesthetic to the classic waxed jacket. For men who like a more modernised and contemporary look rather than a classic heritage-inspired style, a quilted jacket has proven to be an excellent choice. Our Chelsea Sportsquilt jacket and the Powell Jacket have quickly become some of our most popular men’s jackets.


While the Chelsea Sportsquilt Jacket (can be special ordered from either location) takes its design inspiration from equestrian sports styles, this versatile piece is suited to city life as well as country living. The jacket touches on classic styles through iconic Barbour detailing, such as the soft corduroy collar which can be turned up to provide an extra element of wind protection. This corduroy collar detailing can also be seen on the Powell Quilted Jacket (can be special ordered from either location), which is perfectly complemented by the faux leather trim detailing. The Powell jacket remains a popular jacket choice among wearers thanks to its sleek and contemporary shape that helps to provide a tailored look.

These two jackets owe much of their popularity to their on-trend style and ability to complete any outfit, but they also provide the perfect balance between warmth and coolness, making them ideal for seasonal changes. They can be easily layered in the winter, or dressed down in the spring. Given this versatility and refined style, it’s easy to see why these two jackets are firm favourites of the modern man.

Longer length men’s jackets

A shorter length is often synonymous with a contemporary aesthetic, though a longer-length coat is still a popular choice for many men. Our Beaconsfield Jacket (can be special ordered from either location) is one of our most popular Barbour jacket styles as the longer length and adjustable features make it ideal for exploring the British outdoors, come rain or sun. The Beaconsfield has a detachable hood as well as an adjustable waist and studded cuffs, whilst the articulated sleeves ensure the arm can fully outstretch, making this jacket extremely comfortable and versatile to wear. The olive colourway is reflective of the iconic Barbour style and is complemented by brown detailing on the pockets and on the lining of the hood. This colour scheme makes it ideal for easy pairing with many different outfits, and so it remains a popular staple item in many men’s wardrobes.


Most Popular Women’s Barbour Jackets

The Barbour waxed jacket isn’t just a popular staple item in men’s fashion, but it has established itself as one of the most loved styles for women too. Both the Classic Beadnell and the Lightweight Beadnell offer a flattering feminine silhouette to create a distinguished look that dotes on classic style. 

What are the most popular waxed jackets for women?


Both versions of the well-loved Barbour Beadnell jacket include features seen in the jacket from which they draw their values, the Bedale, such as the signature Barbour tartan lining and corduroy collar. Additionally, where many contemporary female jackets lack pockets, there has been no compromise made on storage options in the Classic Waxed or Lightweight (can be special ordered from either location) styles as both Beadnell jackets offer ample space through multiple deep pockets. This unique and robust design paired with high functionality is key to the popularity of these jackets which are loved by women across the globe.

For those looking for a staple jacket regardless of season, the Beadnell wax jacket can be worn year-round, making it a firm favourite when it comes to outerwear. The neutral colourways are not only quintessential to the Barbour look but also ensure that they can be worn with any outfit, instantly enhancing the overall look with a timeless and elegant style. You can read more about the features of the Beadnell with our in-depth look at the iconic jacket.

Women’s quilted jackets

It goes without saying that quilted jackets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Quilting is an excellent way to add visual intrigue to a garment without it becoming too overbearing or too minimalistic. Our Annandale quilted jacket and Cavalry Polarquilt are popular outerwear choices due to their refreshed take on a vintage look.

The Annandale jacket (Can be special ordered from either location) has more pronounced quilting than the Polarquilt, and is more lightweight, making it the perfect go-to jacket for milder days. The flattering shape is complemented by a sit-down corduroy collar and branded detailing on the left pocket to create a dainty look. Despite its comparatively delicate design, the jacket is expertly crafted to ensure high performance and durability, with two deep outer pockets to secure you’re belongings.

The Cavalry Polarquilt jacket (Can be special ordered from either location) takes its name from the equestrian-inspired design and, with a soft fleece lining, it provides a good level of cosy warmth. The Cavalry jacket embodies the iconic luxury Barbour style and, where many women's outerwear lacks shape, this jacket has an elasticated waist panel to give an elegant silhouette, even when layering. The subtle branding on the pocket works perfectly with the diamond quilting and detailed seams which provide extra shape, showcasing the adept craftsmanship that reinforces the grandeur of the Barbour brand.

Seasonal jacket styles

Having the perfect jacket for in-between seasons is something that many women search high and low for, and the Otterburn gilet (Can be special ordered from either location) offers that just-right balance between comfort and warmth. The gilet can be worn as an extra layer underneath a coat, or on top of a long-sleeved jumper or shirt for an accentuated finish to an outfit that doesn’t limit flexibility. Adjuster tabs on the waist panel ensure that the gilet works with your silhouette and layering, rather than adding a bulky padded layer onto your existing outfit. Finally, the navy colourway allows it to be matched with a variety of outfit choices, making it a popular item for those looking to add a unique stylistic choice to their wardrobe. 


Find your signature style at Barbour

Regardless of popularity, the perfect jacket is the one that suits your personality and needs. At Barbour, we understand this and offer a wide selection of women’s and men’s jackets to suit individual preferences, without compromise on quality. No matter if you prefer the ever-popular traditional waxed jacket, a brightly coloured statement piece, or a neutral and lightweight staple jacket, there’s something for everyone in the Barbour Collection.