The Best of Spring/Summer 2019

The change of seasons brings warmer weather and the best fabrics of the season.

Linen Tweed Jacket by Loro Piana, 8458.

Linen Tweed Jacket by Loro Piana, 8458.

Linen Tweed Jackets by Loro Piana

These blends of summer’s most prevalent natural fibers — wool, silk, and linen, sometimes enhanced with technical fibers — have been spun into fancy yarns and woven into striking fabrics with fresh colors and head-turning textures, perfect for eye-catching, breathable warm-weather jackets.


More About Loro Piana, Our Favorite Mill

Since 2000, Loro Piana has sponsored an annual prize for the best bale of wool, which produces enough fabric for 50 men's suits. Generally, it is won by an Australian or New Zealand woolgrower. In 2008, Loro Piana paid a record 48,000 cents per kilo for a bale of superfine merino wool averaging 12.5 micron produced by Peter and Greg Munsie and Phil and Judy Fittler of Uralla, New South Wales.

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