Thank You, Mount Royal Soap Company!

Check out the Mount Royal Soap products in our lobby!

Check out the Mount Royal Soap products in our lobby!

Mount Royal Soap company creates all natural soaps that are good for your skin. By using essential oils, fragrances, and naturally sourced ingredients, Mount Royal Soap has created a 100% palm free and good for your skin product. They are also loved by Baltimoreans!

During the time of Covid-19, the small company was given a big task by the City of Baltimore: Make and provide as much hand sanitizer, soap, and other cleaning products as possible. Mount Royal Soap began making soaps and sanitizers on a larger scale for the community after being commissioned by the city! The company needed all hands on deck and more in order to create the soaps and sanitizers needed, so many people went out to volunteer and help them! Each bar of soap is just a little different in terms of looks because of the unique edition of community teamwork!

We have been selling Mount Royal soaps, lotions, shampoos, and now sanitizers for quite some time now; we wanted to take the opportunity to thank them for their service to the community and say how much we appreciate doing business with such an incredible company. We encourage all of our clients to purchase Mount Royal Soap products to help support the cause for cleanliness!

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