Summer Vacation Packing List Update


This packing checklist that we created last August received great feedback from our members and customers that used it for last summers vacation. We thought it would be a good idea to post again.  It may contain more that your time or parameters of why you are taking a trip, but it will help you in maximizing your time enjoying your vacation instead of having to make a trip to crowded stores and pricing to fill in the gaps.

This year we have curated a few new brands to the fold. True Grit is a classic design cues combined with the finest of fabrics for an amazing feel and wear. Mollusk Surf is a beach brand with ocean, fishing and surfing themed t shirts. We have the 2024 collections back again from Olukai, Fish Hippie, Duck Head and Barbour. See 2024's summer menswear and footwear collections.

(Article posted on July 31, 2023)

We are in the height of the vacation season and you may be preparing for that trip soon. Have you ever gotten to your destination and realized you forgot something you meant to pack or didn't pack something because you didn't have what you needed for the trip. Nothing like have to take time on your vacation to shop for items you forgot to bring that are hanging in your closet, folded in your drawer or in your medicine cabinet. 

Because our mission is to make it fun and easy to look you best so you can focus on your success, the QG has put together a checklist to better prepare and organize you so you can just enjoy your trip.  

This checklist is just a reminder of what items might be needed on a trip. This also covers a seven day/one week period. This is a comprehensive list is a prompt to get you thinking about your plans, what you might need that you already have or can help with identifying errands that you may need to run before your final packing. 

Besides making it easy with this checklist to plan for you trip, we make it easy by providing most of these needs and services in a one stop shop to save you time.  Timing works out well since we are currently running our buy more save more summer sale. This sale only includes menswear clothing, shoes and accessories. Learn more details about the sale here (2023). 

The below checklist includes packing suggestions for tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, grooming and a pre-vacation to do's.  This document is formatted to standard 8.5 by 11.