Suit Care 101


Like an automobile or a house, a well-made suit requires day to day maintenance to preserve its shape and structure. While you’re sitting, walking, running, and working all day long, your favorite suit is hard at work right there with you. Here are a few simple and quick tips on how to protect it.

1. Rotate your suits often. Let your garments rest on a suiting hanger for at least 24 hours. This allows the wrinkles to relax and for the garment to return to its natural shape.

2. Get an extra pair of trousers. Trousers experience more stress than jackets and wear out more quickly. Rotating the trouser can extend the life of the suit.

3. Avoid dry cleaning at all costs. The harsh chemicals and high heat shortens the lifespan of the suit.

4. Spot clean any stains. Use a suit brush to remove debris before it has time to set into the fabric.

5. Bring your clothing to us for alterations as necessary. Suits that are too tight wear faster.

6. When storing a suit, leave it in one of our corresponding garment bags to deter moths.

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