Slane Irish Whiskey & My Father Cigar Heritage & Pairing



Slane Irish Whiskey wasn’t the first whiskey to come to Slane. The fertile soil and pure water of the Boyne Valley attracted many budding whiskey craftsmen. But over time, this ancient art was all but lost. In 2015, the opening of our distillery brought with it a revival of Boyne Valley whiskey, where we blend these old traditions with modern innovation


Some of it’s sustainably grown on our very own estate, and some of its bought in, but it’s always 100% Irish.


A corner-stone of the whiskey making process, they make the magic happen.


Our natural water source, the ancient River Boyne, runs along the distillery and through the heart of our estate.


Don Pepin Garcia who was recognized as “America’s Hottest Cigar Maker” by Cigar Aficionado in 2008 and his son Jaime Garcia have developed countless blends for My Father Cigars and for several of the most prestigious companies in the market.

The Best Cigar of the Year for 2012 was given to Flor de Las Antillas.

The Garcia Family continues to follow the tradition they lived and learned in Cuba and proudly own two factories, the headquarters in Doral, which is a boutique factory with a team of twelve expert cigar rollers trained by Don Pepin himself. The other is the Garcia Family Industrial Park in Estelí, Nicaragua with more than three hundred cigar rollers. Both factories are responsible for the twelve company owned brands that exist in the marketplace today.

Slane Whiskey and My Father Cigar Pairing

Join us March 23rd for this pairing of two companies who truly respect their crafts. 

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