San Cristobal Quintessance And Russel's Reserve Whiskey


When Ashton has anything to do with the production of a cigar chances are your gonna wanna smoke it. When famed master blender Don Pepin Garcia has anything to do with the a cigar chances are your gonna want to gets your hands on it. So when these two vital forces come together to produce a smoke, any cigar smoker worth there sand knows they have an obligation to themselves to give it a try.

Which brings me to The San Cristobal Quintessence, another top shelf hand made cigar produced by Don Pepin in collaboration with Ashton. The Quintessence, produced in Pepin's My Father factory in Estele, Nicaragua, is a medium-full bodied cigar that offers plethora of excellent flavors for the palate. Coffee, spice, and a rich sweetness make this cigar a fun a surprising smoke.

There might not be a better companion to the Quintessence than Russel's Reserve Whiskey. Russel's Reserve is another carefully crafted product by masters in the field. Whether it's there 10 year, 6 year, or single barrel, you can trust its going to be a quality product pleasing to the palate.