QG's Latest Raving Fans - February 2022

5⭐️ Kea was great! First time here and I will return! Chris Z., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Dermaine is the best barber I’ve ever come across in my life & I have been many many places. Attention to detail & haircut is unmatched. Jameson C., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Always awesome! All the time! Clean cut! Joey C., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Mia is excellent stylist. Highly recommend. Patrick C., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Thanks for your kindness. Florence S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Great with the haircutting 13/10. Also helped me figure out who Tom Holland is and isn't. John R., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Mia is the best stylist! Patrick C., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael is a master at his craft. Ben M., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Great cut. Not rushed. Excellent service. James W., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Florentina is the best! Bradley M., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Mandy had me feeling totally relaxed and refreshed as usual. Always a pleasure. David R., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Fantastic service, attention to detail, good conversation and great music. Andrew Van A., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Thanks for your kindness Kea. Florence S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Florentina is wonderful. Amazing service and ambiance. I'll be back 100%. Ronald C., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Earle is the best! Alisha G., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Tina’s service is excellent. Always a bright spot to my week. Frank B., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Florentina is the bomb! Andrew P., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ I apologize for misspelling Kea's name. She's a very professional and honest hair dresser who I recommend. Celeste M., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Mike is a great barber! Kodie O., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Kea did a great job cutting my hair and I appreciate the hair wash. The music was relaxing. Marcus G., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Always great to chat with Mia. Haircut & beard styling is perfect! Robert R., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Everything about this place is wonderful I've been coming here for nearly a decade and there's a huge reason why I choose to keep coming here. The environment in which the QG creates is a safe and comfortable one and I highly recommend anyone to come here if they want a superb barber experience. The barbers on site are truly a master of their craft. David U., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Dermaine was on point with my beard trim! Great job! Jim M., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Excellent in all respects. Brice B., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Another incredible massage! Thanks! David W., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Master of his craft. Excellent experience. John L., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️ Close, comfortable, efficient shave! Rusty O., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael was absolutely wonderful, incredibly attentive, and took painstaking care to give the best cut and beard trim possible. I very much look forward to the next time I will be in need of his services! Zachary B., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Outstanding service! Ajay S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Mia was great. I will definitely be back. Joshua B., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️ I went to Michael to fix a disaster of a haircut. He did an excellent job! Robert W., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Always a pleasure! Ray B., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️ Everything was excellent just as it was the last time I was there, pre-pandemic. I’m glad Brendan is working at the second location! Perfect cut. Thank you! Chris D., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Brittany is the bees knees. Never had a better experience :) Kyle P., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️ Brittany is the best! Jonas F., Zenoti Review.