QG's Latest Raving Fans - October 2021

5⭐️ Great food, service and vibe, Daniel B., Resy

5⭐️ Great Service, Anita D., Resy

5⭐️  Amazing!  Evan H., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Today was my third appointment with Michael. I needed a quick turnaround shape up and he was able to help. Like the other two times, he showed why he is a licensed Master Barber. I highly recommend him. Tabb B., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Florentina is the standard by which all customer service should be measured. Andrew P., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Mia at all times maintained all Covid protocols while at the same time making me feel comfortable. With what Mia had to work with, she did an outstanding job of making my hair exceptional. Sunny R., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Florintina was great.  Joshua A., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael was personable and professional. Richard C., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael was absolute professional. I gave him a challenging haircut ask and instead of complaining, he said "this is why I love this job". His attention to detail and craft was fantastic. First time with him, will be returning for him. Nick G., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Great experience, very professional and courteous. Amazing massage!  Marty S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️  Excellent! Efficient! Effective!  Merrick M., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Experienced, patient, and very professional. Highly recommend Michael for hairstyle advices. Timothy L., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Experienced, patient, and very professional. Highly recommend Michael for hairstyle advices. Timothy L., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Dermaine is incredible. His attention to detail and customer service makes QG stand out from other businesses. I look forward to coming back again. Austin A., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Fantastic work by both (Mia and Michael) of them! Funny thing this was my first time being serviced by both, and they did not disappoint. Devereaux F., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Angela gave me a great buzzcut. She knew exactly what I wanted. Merrick M., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Great experience and service from Michael. Billy S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Mia was friendly and gave a nice thorough cut. She was even early and allowed me to start early and get out quickly. Thank you!! Dan B., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ The best trim I’ve ever had. Michael was meticulous. James C., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Hair cut was great. She was professional, friendly and it came out great. Thomas W., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️  Everything about Faith is awesome my body never felt so good. Marcus D., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Great master barber! Rick R., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ As usual, a great afternoon with Brendan. Binyamin G., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Angela is the best. Isaac K., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ I enjoy having my haircut now as opposed to the past hair cuts were a task to be accomplished. Bryan B., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️ If you want the best, go see Brendan for hair and Ron for bespoke clothing. Best haircut in the city. Rudy B., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️  Florentina is so nice and talented ( very attention to detail). I really enjoyed it and look forward to returning again. Jim W., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Awesome as always! She (Florentina) is an amazing stylist! Joey C., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Mia was excellent. Micah O., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Five years in a row, I always get incredible massages from Mandy!

Chris I., Facebook.

5⭐️ Michael is awesome. Thomas H., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ First time at the QG, loved it, thanks! Peter H., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Greatest barber (Florentina) in all of Maryland. I feel so close to her. We have become such good friends. I love her so much. Keep her happy. Total asset.

Evan K., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Florentina is the standard to which all other barbers at the QG should be measured! Always great service. Andrew P., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Dude (Michael) is legit! Jeremiah R., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️  It was A-1! Johnathan G., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Dizo D. Google Business.

Good food and even better service everything about this place is where I need to be.

5⭐️ He crushed it. Loves what he does. Absolutely sticking to him. Stavros R., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Absolutely the best haircuts I've had in my life and excellent customer service! Jeff A., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Faith was great. Carlos D., Zenoti Review.