QG's Latest Raving Fans - November 2022

5⭐️ Tina is great, especially for an old guy like me! Wayne W., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Thanks for your kindness. Florence S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Mia is awesome!! love her! Christopher B., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Known for their old fashioned for a reason. They are delicious! You do need to know a secret code to get up the elevator to this speakeasy-like place, but as I floundered in the elevator, a kind gentleman came and helped me with the code. Will you have the same experience? Not sure, but I bet if you call them, they'll give you the code. Vegetarian options: Their brussel sprouts are delicious! Kat D., Clock Restoration Bar and Kitchen Google Business Profile.

5⭐️ This place is a great spot for a haircut. My go to is a haircut after work and then hit up Clock Bar upstairs for the chicken sandwich (one of the best in Bmore) and a beer. Brendan did an awesome job when I decided to change my hair up and I've been coming back ever since. Daniel D., The QG Google Business Profile.

5⭐️ Chris did a great job. His dedication to his craft is obvious. Dagan M., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️ Michael was excellent….otherwise experience was not quintessential. Dewey E., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ QG is awesome. Max C., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Faith rules! Bill S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Kea is great! Paul G., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Always a great experience, thanks again Mia. Kyle M., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael is the best. James C., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Always a consistent, great job! Jon G., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Dermaine’s services are always a pleasure. he takes top notch care of my hair. Austin A., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Florentina is the BEST! Joshua W., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Excellent work! Gary N., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ It’s a very professional and enjoyable experience. Mitchell P., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Accommodating enough to fit me into the schedule when I did not make the proper appointment…. Great cut! Gregory J., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Dermaine rocks! Peter K., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Very nice person who gave a very good haircut, both much appreciated. Timothy S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Outstanding as always! Florence S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael was great all around, will absolutely be back! Benjamin S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Excellent attention to detail - I'll keep coming back. Micah O., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Chris was great. Cazmier T., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Florentina is a very personable young lady. You feel comfortable and safe when sitting in her chair. Her attention to detail, no matter how trivial you may find it, shows she is indeed a master of her craft, and a true professional! A rare find in today’s fast-paced computer age. I recommend to anyone reading this feedback to give her a looksee. You will find it time well spent while in her chair, because she goes the extra mile to make sure YOU look your best when leaving. Barry A., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ She is the best. The gold standard which I remember when I first came to the QG years ago and everyone else should aspire to be. Harry A., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ This was my 1st time visiting. I loved the ambiance. We ordered chicken wings and they were truly fried to perfection. I definitely will be visiting hopefully real soon. I also recommend that you try this place out. Nodella J., The QG Google Business Profile.