QG's Latest Raving Fans - January 2023

5⭐️ The sole reason why I am a returning customer! Joshua W., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Everyone had an awesome time at the Holiday party and really enjoyed the service, drinks, and the venue! Revathi C., Clock Restoration Bar and Kitchen.

5⭐️ Always a pleasure. Mark G., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Chris is Awesome!!! He turns my son into handsome gentleman!

5⭐️ Dermaine is terrific. Nice guy and great barber. Tom W., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Very happy with the service and experience. I will be back soon! Tom I., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Dermaine was great! Pat M., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ First time and I’m hooked! Will definitely be going back! Barry G., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Mia B was fantastic, met all my needs looking forward to my next appointment with her. Alessandro V., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ All great! Bill S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Chris was great and accommodating to adding on a shave. Excellent banter as well. Jason R., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ He did a great job with everything. Jeffrey Q., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Always excellent and professional. Michael R., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Just wonderful in every way! Jamie M., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael was very professional, extremely helpful, walked me through the process very smoothly, and above all else, gave a great haircut. Highly recommend him! Bailey H., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Mia is the best! Leslie W., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Kea was great. She spent extra time to make my hair look great. Darren S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Fantastic service as always. Thanks! Devereaux F., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Always does amazing work. Matthew B., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Dermaine was incredible! I had a great experience. Will be back! Bryan W., Zenoti Review.


5⭐️ Had a great time here. As others mentioned, the code wasn't easy to find. My friend and I thought the code was just for security, not because it was supposed to be a fun game. We would have just called the restaurant to gain access/get the code but a QG member let us up with him. I loved that it was on the 6th floor (if I remember correctly). The bartender who was also our waitress was so attentive, sweet, and helpful as she answered some questions we had. I got ginger beers and my friend and I shared a 7oz steak and a smash burger. The steak meal was not what we expected in the best way. The steak was cooked as requested, flavorful, tender, yet melted in my mouth. It came with mashed potatoes and brussell sprouts in probably the best gravy-type sauce I've EVER had. My friend and I could not get enough! The fries that came with the burger were really good and the double patty smash burger, which I saved for lunch the next day, was delicious. Based on the food selection, fun secrecy of the place, delicious food and drinks, and friendly service, not only will I come back here, but I will bring my friends who visit from out of state. I feel like I found a gem of a place! Iman H., Yelp Business for Clock Restoration Bar and Kitchen.

5⭐️ QG This past New Years Eve was my wedding day, and we are very fortunate to say that everything was perfect. And I want to properly thank The QG for the part they played: Dermaine in the barbershop had so greatly trimmed my head and beard hardly no one noticed I went bald years ago - Janis in the spa's facial services for both my wife and I will surely help our photographer from having to edit out any breakouts! - Ronald helped me craft my custom wedding tux to utter perfection, it is a piece that surpassed my expectations in every way - Earle the tailor not only finished alterations on my tux and made sure my bow tie was tied correctly, he also tailored my wife's dress and helped add a button in the back so her flowy gown could be cinched up and she could dance the night away - Caitlin, Shalyn, and Kevin in Clock Bar took care of my groomsmen and I while we got ready for the big day. Literally from top to bottom, The QG played an important role in our wedding day. A wedding day is full of a lot of stressful factors, I asked The QG to help take care of how I looked, and they did not disappoint! Dave and Trish, Yelp Business for The QG.

5⭐️ An absolute gem in the heart of downtown Baltimore, up on the sixth floor above a barber shop (also great). Clock has an outstanding, friendly, knowledgeable staff who create great drinks (get an old fashioned). Food is on point too, best burger I’ve had in a long time, and the fried pickles are so addictive! Brandon M., Google Business Clock Restoration Bar & Kitchen.
5⭐️ Stopped in after playing Top Golf and this place was amazing! Our bartender, Shalyn, was fantastic. Such a cool theme and fun atmosphere and that lady can make a killer lemon drop! Torrie B., Google Business Clock Restoration Bar & Kitchen.