QG's Latest Raving Fans - December 2021

5⭐️ Tina is amazing. Her service is great and my beard always looks awesome.  Frank B., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Friendly, warm, and experienced... best female Dominican barber (Florentina) in Baltimore! Merrick M., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Dermaine was absolutely awesome. Nick S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Thanks for your kindness. Happy New Year!  Florence S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️  Florentina is super professional and a super nice individual! The short experience of a buzzcut was a pleasure. Paul H., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️ Her (Janis) work is fabulous and she is wonderful to chat with about current events!  David W., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️ Tina is excellent. Bill S., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️  Dermaine was great!  Eliot L., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️ Brian J., Google Business.

All the staff us super friendly!

5⭐️ Tina is awesome both in talent and personality. Trevor Vi., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ I have had Janis C. provide services before and she is great. Jason H., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ My experience was very good. I was very satisfied with the services I received. Jason H., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael was excellent, provided great feedback, and was very attentive to detail. It was a pleasure to sit and talk with him as well. Philip A., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Very professional, great chat and even better haircut! Would recommend Michael 10 out of 10 times. Jordan W., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael was a great barber and very friendly. I'd be happy to use him again. Matt S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael is an absolute professional and clearly cares about his craft. He does a fantastic job and wherever Michael is cutting is hair is where I want to go. Nick G., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Cool guy (Michael), very professional, and a great haircut. Tyler S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Kea is amazing. I'm thankful she is a part of your team. Bryant L., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Thanks for your kindness Janis. Florence S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Great attention to detail. (Michael) Did a really nice job. Would recommend for sure.  Jimmy C., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Great experience, as always.  Kirill M., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Great cut that looks awesome!  Mark T., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael is a perfectionist and clearly loves his craft. I love my haircut, thank you! Ryan H., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️  Excellent! Florence S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Relatable, down to earth guy ( Dermaine). I will be back for his services. Xavier R., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael was hands-down the best barber I've ever had. He was warm and welcoming from the start. He made sure to not let me leave without looking and feeling like gold. Very good with recommendations as far as hair styling and products too! Peter L., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Great haircut... Brendan did a great job. John L., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Phenomenal as always! Super fun, super chill. Devereaux F., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael was great. Answered all my questions and did a great job. Bryan S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael is personable and professional. He does a great job. James C., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Great job! Jeff S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael, a master barber, definitely demonstrates his skill set with expertise, ease and a willingness to please the customer. He consistently does a great job. Tabb B., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️ Always amazing! Would never let anyone else touch my hair! Joey C., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Service was good as always, I come here once or twice a year and have for 15 years. S R., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Put in the time and effort for the haircut. Listens to what style you want and works with you to create it. Fire haircut! Dhruv P., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Perfectly cooked.

George H., Uber Eats

5⭐️ Great job! Tom S., Zenoti Review. Tom S., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Dermaine was friendly and very professional. I would recommend him to friends. A very good job by him.  Mark Z., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael was great! Really knows his craft.  Jose Z., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael did a great job. thank you.  Dagan M., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Most excellent!! Kristofer M., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️ Kea is the best! Florence S., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️ Dermaine did an amazing job and was very careful throughout the entire haircut. He even helped out with my beard and gave me a few tips which were great. I really enjoyed getting my haircut with Dermaine and will definitely be requesting him the next time I come back. Thank you very much! Dan B., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️ Kea is awesomeness 👌 Andrew B., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ She’s (Brittany) the best you got! David E., Zenoti Review. 

5⭐️ Mia is fantastic, the new barber chairs are really pretty. Kodie O., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Ronald is amazing and I can't wait to come back for more clothes! Amir H., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ As always Faith is amazing! I really like they got the old blankets back! Frank B., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ Michael was professional and accommodating. I will see him again in 5 weeks.  Samuel A., Zenoti Review.

5⭐️ First time going to Mia and will definitely be back! She had great suggestions and her love of the craft shows! Anthony Y., Zenoti Review.