QG Staff Favorites: Earle Edition

Earle Bannister creating more masks!

Earle Bannister creating more masks!

Some of you have been wondering who has been creating our QG Brand masks that we have been selling throughout this unfortunate pandemic. Well, we are happy to tell you that the creator is our very own Earle Bannister! Earle is an incredibly skilled tailor we are proud to call our own; while he normally spends his time making suits and altering outfits, he decided to put his efforts into making masks for those interested in staying safe in style!

Earle loves to support The QG however he can, from making masks to enjoying our services. He hopes for the day when we can perform Hydrafacials at our Downtown location again. “I don’t have a specific skin care routine, but it is so nice and relaxing to get a Hydrafacial once a month. I always feel rejuvenated!”

As our tailor, Earle is incredibly serious about looking his best; one of our most popular products, the Jack Black Turbo Wash, is his top choice when it comes to staying fresh. “The eucalyptus scent really wakes me up in the morning. I love it so much that I always get the jumbo 33oz bottle every few months.”  

And what better way to close out a long day of work at The QG than to take some buffalo wings to go home with or relax with an old fashioned and a charcuterie board with coworkers. “I love the buffalo wings so much; they’re so well made and delicious.” Earle said. CLOCK’s wings are a very popular menu item, along with the charcuterie board; it is difficult to choose between the two!