QG Menswear Spring Event Lookbook

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The Derby is this weekend, Bourbon and Bowties is May 9th and Preakness is on the 18th so men and women across the Baltimore area are looking through there closets for event attire. The following lookbook has several options for men that will upgrade your closet for this event season and still be practical for weddings or a night out on the town.. The hallmarks of spring are color, light breathable fabrics, patterns and accessories such as pocket squares, scarves and bowties. Please come take a look for yourself downtown or in Hunt Valley.

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Sportcoats/Blazers/Jackets: Blujacket, Paul Betenly, Draikes

Shirting: Ledbury, Stenströms, Barbour, Ike Behar

Pant's: Ledbury, Duck Head, Life After Denim, Ballin

Accessories: Drakes, Stentröms, Seaward & Stearn

Shoe: QG, J&M 1850