Our Best Sale of the Season, SS '19

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End-of-Bolt Suit Package $1099 (Suit and 2 shirts)

Some of our best fabrics from Loro Piana, Solbiati, Thomas Mason, and more…

EC0045.jpg 5081.jpg SHS0626.jpg 5153.jpg EC0047.jpg 5145.jpg SHS0628.jpg

Everything under the sun $1499 (suit and 2 shirts)

All of our best new suiting and shirting fabrics at a great price…

5185.jpg SHS0654.jpg 5186.jpg SHS0656.jpg 5231.jpg SHS0658.jpg 5200.jpg SHS0661.jpg 5232.jpg SHS0667.jpg

Our best make yet, Made in Italy from Start to Finish $1899 (Suit and 2 Shirts)

Every stitch, every thread, every roll of the lapel is made in Italy. In true Neapolitan style, we offer our lightest, most comfortable garment ever created. We offer our best make in full canvas only. In addition to being a full canvas garment, we also offer extensive handwork, including button attachment, collar, bottom lining/facing, flower loop, and a full canvas attachment. For the true connoisseur.

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