New to the Humidor

Welcome to the world of premium cigars! If you're new to the humidor and eager to explore some exquisite options, let's delve into the rich flavors and distinct characteristics of four Ashton cigars that deserve a place in your collection. 

Ashton Heritage Robusto: Indulge in the Ashton Heritage Robusto, a blend of aged Dominican tobaccos hugged by a Connecticut seed wrapper. Delight in its mild-to-medium body, accented by notes of cedar, nuts, and a touch of spice—a harmonious experience for both newcomers and connoisseurs.

Ashton VSG Robusto: For a bold adventure, ignite the Ashton VSG Robusto. Dressed in an Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper, it's a full-bodied masterpiece with dark chocolate, espresso, and a hint of black pepper—an impeccable choice for aficionados seeking intensity.

Ashton Magnum: Elevate your moments with the Ashton Magnum's medium-bodied delight. Wrapped in a Connecticut Shade leaf, this classic cigar boasts earthy undertones, whispers of cedar, and a gentle sweetness—a timeless pleasure to cherish.

Ashton VSG Tres Mystique: Short on time, but not on taste? The Ashton VSG Tres Mystique, with its compact form and intense profile of leather, dark fruit, and roasted coffee, promises a rich indulgence in a conveniently small package.

As you curate your personal collection, we're excited to introduce these exquisite Ashton cigars as the newest additions to our humidor. Each blend brings a unique character to elevate your cigar experience. Whether you're seeking a moment of relaxation or a bold exploration of flavors, these Ashton creations are ready to accompany you on your journey through the world of premium cigars. Enjoy the nuanced pleasures they bring and the conversations they ignite.