New Spring/Summer 2020 Shirting & Neckwear Collection

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Drakes is just one of our many heritage English brands that the QG stocks. Our other English brands include Barbour, Seaward and Stearn and Fox Umbrellas. They have made a name for themselves in neck wear worldwide, but over the last 10 years have also become known for the great design work in casually tailored clothing. Drake’s philosophy was to produce timeless pieces that have a relaxed elegance to them, and this vision still informs us to this day.” Michael Hill, Creative Director

This season, Drake’s focus was on eclectic patterned shirts that are sure to be show stoppers. Also Drakes as usual spared no color or pattern on this season’s neck ties. Here are a few of the looks that we are carrying in our stores downtown and in Hunt Valley. Below are just a few that are available in our online store. Because our store have been limited in operation, we have decided to put all of our Drake’s shirting and neckwear on an amazing sale.

Drake's Maroon Pattern Tie
Sale Price:89.00 Original Price:175.00
Drake's Striped Blue/Brown Tie
Sale Price:89.00 Original Price:175.00
Drake's Green Pattern Tie
Sale Price:89.00 Original Price:175.00

Let us know what you think of this collection. We would be happy to set up a virtual appointment to show more of Drake’s collection of shirts and ties. Reach out to our Clothier Ronald at or set an appointment here.

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