Not your average polo shirt

Spring Arrivals


Tired of the basic polo and boring short sleeve button down? Our latest arrivals from Barbour solve this issue with distinct patterns and details that will help you look your best. 

Barbour's Blaine Tartan Polo features an oversized tartan pattern and contrasting tartan inside the neck band and placket for that detail that sets these polos apart. For a bolder contrast go with the Blaine Tartan Polo in white shown below. 


This shirt is available at both locations downtown Baltimore, Hunt Valley and online. You can order online and reserve pick-up at either location too. 

Summer Button Downs

Need flexibility for occasions? The Douglas and Gordon Summer (Sting fans will enjoy that play on words) button down shirts are light and versatile that you can dress up or dress down 


This shirt is a cotton and linen blend with a large tartan pattern


Gordon Summer Short Sleeve Tailored Shirt

This shirt is 100% cotton with a smaller tartan pattern. The olive white and red make this easy to wear with any color of shorts or pants and looks great with demim.  

Not Quite Warm Enough?

The weather hasn't stabilized and mornings are still cool. This is why these spring layered pieces my keep the jackets in the closet. Just arriving are two fun layers that look great and are practical. The first is a collegiate themed Barbour sweatshirt. The raised lettering in orange will be great to take to the Orioles games at night. The second is a three quarter zip with the iconic Barbour zipper contrasting tartan trim and side pockets. Better yet these all can be layered with the polos and button down shirts above.

Barbour Prep Crew in Navy

Barbour Rothley Half Zip Sweatshirt in Navy or Gray

Our real expertise is in helping you pick a whole outfit that you can mix and match to get the most of your wardrobe. Try scheduling a wardrobe consultation to let us help! 

We make it fun and easy to look your best so you can focus on your success. 


More Spring/Summer Menswear inspiration 


True Grit

Elevate Your Casual Summer Style with our newest brand.

Many of our men struggle with what to wear when not at work especially in more casual environments. They still want to look good but it is not as clear on what is appropriate to wear. Many men struggle with the middle ground between formal and completely casual. True Grit combines smart casual looks with premium fabrics. 
Not only are these fabrics luxurious in feel, but they are also forgiving and perform well in the heat and on the go while traveling. 
Tired of plain ole khaki shorts. True Grit features alternative looks with small embroidered designs to change up the status quo.  The above in olive with a martini design. The fabric is engineered for comfort and fit with  77% Cotton 20% Tencel and 3% Spandex.
Even their tees look and feel comfortable, different and luxurious. Stop by either location downtown Baltimore and in Hunt Valley to see our curated collection of True Grit. You can also see our whole collection online

About True Grit

Among American sports wear brands, True Grit clothing is a bit of an anomaly. Founded in 1990, the goal of True Grit has been to bring together European style quality of materials with the look and feel of outdoorsy Americana. While the pairing might seem odd on paper, the reality is that True Grit has become one of the top names in men's clothing brands by flawlessly executing on this vision.

Make a styling appointment

Need a little help putting together your spring summer wardrobe. Make a stying appointment here to get measurements recorded along with recommendations. 

True Grit joins the following brands that we are currently carrying for this spring summer season: Barbour, Duck Head, David Donahue, Olukai, Martin Dingman, Richard Choi and 7 Downie Street. Our mission is to find unique brands curated to fit your lifestyle conveniently located in our one stop shop. The QG makes it fun and easy to look your best so you can focus on your success. 

Looking for footwear to pair well with True Grit?

Try Olukai Sandals and Drivers


When it comes to footwear for the warmer seasons, Olukai sandals and shoes stand out as a top choice. Let's explore why these products are ideal for spring and summer.

Comfort and Support

Olukai sandals and shoes are designed with the utmost comfort and support in mind. The brand incorporates innovative technologies and materials to ensure that your feet are well-cushioned and supported with every step you take. This is especially important during the warmer months when you may be more active and on your feet for longer periods.


One of the key features of Olukai footwear is their breathability. The materials used in their sandals and shoes allow for proper airflow, keeping your feet cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. Say goodbye to sweaty and uncomfortable feet with Olukai's breathable designs.


Investing in a pair of Olukai sandals or shoes means investing in quality and durability. These products are built to last, making them a smart choice for the spring and summer seasons when you may be putting more wear and tear on your footwear. With Olukai, you can trust that your sandals or shoes will hold up to whatever adventures come your way.