Member's Cigar of the Month - February 2024

As February brings a crisp air of sophistication, our cigar members are in for a tasteful experience with a carefully curated selection of cigars. This month's lineup offers a blend of quality craftsmanship and unique flavors that cater to the refined palate of our esteemed members.

Macanudo Inspirado Green Toro
Commencing the month is the Macanudo Inspirado Green Toro, a testament to elegance and meticulous craftsmanship. With a well-balanced blend, this Toro-sized cigar promises a sophisticated smoking experience, delivering a harmonious fusion of flavors that set the tone for a month of refined indulgence.

Casa De Suenos Angelito Corona
The Casa De Suenos Angelito Corona invites members to a moment of tranquil delight. Crafted with precision, this Corona-sized cigar promises a balanced and flavorful smoke, providing a serene escape for enthusiasts seeking a refined and approachable experience.

Rocky Patel Sixty 6 x 60
For those appreciating a bolder profile, the Rocky Patel Sixty 6 x 60 takes the spotlight. This larger ring gauge cigar from Rocky Patel boasts bold sophistication, delivering an intense and rich smoking experience for enthusiasts seeking a robust journey.

CAO Colombia
Our February selection concludes with the CAO Colombia, offering a taste of exotic refinement. With a blend incorporating Colombian, Brazilian, and Nicaraguan tobaccos, this cigar promises a unique smoking experience, combining exotic flavors with refined elegance.

February is a month of passion, and these exceptional cigars provide a refined avenue for enthusiasts to savor their moments. Each cigar is a testament to quality and craftsmanship, offering a journey of flavors to be cherished. Whether drawn to the elegance of Macanudo, the tranquility of Casa De Suenos, the bold sophistication of Rocky Patel, or the exotic refinement of CAO, may your February be filled with tasteful indulgence and the pleasure of savoring these outstanding cigars. Cheers to the art of cigar appreciation!