Mardi Gras at Clock Bar

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Though Mardi Gras refers only to Fat Tuesday, the “Mardi Gras” season actually begins on Epiphany, a Christian holy day celebrated on January 6 that is otherwise known as Three Kings Day or the Twelfth Day of Christmas. In South American countries, like Brazil and many other countries throughout the world, this period between Epiphany and Fat Tuesday is known as Carnival. Whichever name you prefer to use, the revelries of Mardi Gras last until midnight on Fat Tuesday when Ash Wednesday begins Christian tradition of Lent. This period for many cultures is a celebration outwardly demonstrated by parades and parties. Fat Tuesday has become know as the last day of indulgence prior to Lenten fasting and making additional Lenten sacrifices. For us in the U.S., New Orleans is most associated with Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday. With that said, the QG is heading to the Big Easy for a tamer version of Fat Tuesday

Join us at QG’s Clock Restoration, our speakeasy style bar, aka Clock Bar, is featuring two dishes and two cocktails on special. For lunch and dinner, we will be featuring shrimp and grits & jambalaya and for cocktails we will feature the NOLA born Sazerac and the Cuban born but mainstay Mardi Gras cocktail, the Daiquiri.

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