QG's Barbershop Haircut Feature: Razor Skin Fade

Fading technique is one of the ways a superb barber is measured, and the ultimate fade is the skin fade, since the haircut blends completely from hair to the shaven skin. The skin fade has made a recent comeback over the last few years and continues to gain more popularity.  Enough for us to feature it and recommend how to name and book it. Great for those who appreciate a crisp and cool look and who want to maintain a super professional and clean appearance. 
This haircut demands time and skill to properly execute. When booking the service, request the Precision Haircut for the best outcome.  The Precision Haircut service allows our groomers 45 minutes to execute a first rate blend. In QG fashion, the straight razor is used instead of trimmers to shave to skin along with our hot lather and hot towels to make this more than just a haircut, but an experience.