Kensington Super 130's Custom Suit Promo

Screenshot+2020-01-06+at+4.56.18+PM.jpg Screenshot+2020-01-06+at+4.52.53+PM.jpg

Are you familiar with the thread count of suiting? The higher the count should mean the more luxurious the feel and drape. Thread count is the number of single threads present in a square inch of fabric. Above we are modeling the Kensington Super 130’s. Both models are wearing the same jacket showing the versatility of the collection.

Make an appointment with our custom clothier and stylist, Ronald Smith, to get fitted for a unique opportunity to own a Super 130’s suit/suits at a 20% discount. Kensington Super 130’s fabric bunch combine the cutting edge of luxury with the appeal of everyday wear. These fabrics are a workhorse for those who need to make a regular statement with their wardrobe. This unique promotion ends January 31st, so reserve your fabric by scheduling your custom consultation appointment today.