Irish Coffee at Clock Restoration


With the sudden blast of cold weather, Clock Restoration will be featuring the Irish coffee all week for $8.00. 


The History

The Irish coffee has a complex history. Many think it is a natural combination that has existed for many years. Not much mention of the cocktail is in the press until the 1940s, when a chef named Joe Sheridan of Limerick gave the whiskey mixture to cold passengers disembarking a seaplane. When asked if they were drinking Brazilian coffee he responded, “No it’s Irish.”


San Francisco travel writer Stanton Delaplane brought the cocktail to the US by way of the Shannon Airport, where he fell in love with the drink while waiting for a flight at the airport bar. Stanton was also a bartender at the Buena Vista Café in San Francisco, and on November 10th 1952, the Buena Vista served its first Irish coffee. The bar has been the top seller of Irish coffee in the world ever since, and claims to have sold 30 million of the coffees since 1952.


Our recipe is very simple and pays homage to the Buena Vista. It contains whiskey, coffee, sugar, and homemade whipped cream floated on top. Please stop in and warm your soul with one Ireland's truly great cocktails.