Introduction: QG Footwear

We searched for the best shoe factories in the world to bring our QG footwear to life and found them in Spain. With access to the highest quality raw materials and some of the best craftsmen in the world, they produce artful footwear that is both timeless and unique.

The attention to detail these artisan shoemakers provide not only ensures a great fit but also creates the unmatched styling that fits perfectly with QG's mission to provide our clients with products and services to help them discover their best selves.

Hand Crafted | Limited Run | QG Footwear.

Our Spring Summer Offerings


Our handmade Belgians with a flexible sole, soft burnished pebble grain leather, and black piping with tassel--these shoes easily take you from summer suit to shorts. 


Our new suede loafers have a flexible construction, are lined with glove leather, and perfectly transition into business casual, or denim.


Lined with glove leather and a flexible Belgian sole, these bad boys begin molding to your feet as soon as you put them on. Dress them up as a formal slipper for summer weddings, wear with a light pair of denim and an unlined sports coat or wear with a patterned linen shirt and solid color shorts. 

We will have new additions to our QG footwear collection added seasonally. Our current spring summer line is available in store and online.