Introduction: Native Union


Tech should never be boring, and our new offerings from Native Union are a tribute to the sleekness and innovation we enjoy in our devices.  Igor Duc and John Brunner founded Native Union to offer stylish alternatives for the modern tech aficionado.


The company strives to replace mundane plastic tech accessories with products that enhance the user experience through functional design, attention to detail and the use of innovative materials. Featuring original materials such as genuine marble, polished copper and American hardwoods, Native Union’s accessories reflect the importance you place upon your tech devices.

Quality craftsmanship makes these products ultra strong, so that you may enjoy their beauty over their long lifespan.  Come to the QG and see our wide selection of MFI Apple certified phone cables, stylish phone cases, and beautifully designed charging docks and speakers. Native Union’s accessories have the style you need to complement your device and your home.