How to: Tie a Bowtie


Bourbon & Bowties is just around the corner, and to help, we wanted to share a simple how-to video demonstrating the tying of a bowtie. Don't forget to stop in The QG clothier to grab your bowtie and show off your personal style.


  1. Tie a simple knot.

  2. Fold one side at the widest part to make the beginning shape of the bowtie.

  3. Let the other side drop down over the middle.

  4. Go behind the bow, find the opening with your pointer finger and thumb.

  5. With your other pointer finger to push the other widest side behind and meeting your pointer and thumb.

  6. Grab with your pointer and thumb and pull through.

  7. Adjust by pulling the loops and single sides of the tie.

  8. Look great, sip your bourbon, eat plenty and be generous!

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