Fashion Innovator: Shwood Sunglasses

Schwood Sunglasses.jpg

Shwood sunglasses are the epitome of summer with its new line. The line has always been known for its creativity and use of organic products. Shwood is inspired by its natural surroundings that are discovered all throughout the world, lumber from the pacific Northwest forests and acetate from Italy. These are the original products used to design Shwood sunglasses, the line has innovated its products even more by creating sunglasses made of organic products that have never been used before. 


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The brand has created a unique way to make sunglasses unique and crafty. Shwood has started a new and innovative process called stabilization to create beautiful new patterns in sunglasses. The brand uses high-pressure resin casting along with a hand-made processing technique to create a one-of-a-kind wearable art. Shwood's name comes from their innovate beginning in creating sunglasses out of wood.  This spring summer collection features frames made from seashells, pinecones, and cactus. Each pair of sunglasses has their own unique pattern, because they are individually printed. 


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For the QG, Shwood is a fun brand that isn't afraid to take risks and try something new everyday. Its dedication to individuality allows clients the ability to feel comfortable with finding a pair of sunglasses that encompass their style and personality. 

Make sure to check out these sunglasses. Some such as the seashell glasses are already running out of stock! Click here to check out our online store, or visit our Baltimore and Hunt Valley locations.