Detroit Style Coney Dogs

Coney Dogs 3 -

As we all know this week boxing legend and Michigan native Floyd Mayweather is going toe to toe with current UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor (Read More Here). In honor of Floyd Maywether's Michigan roots we will be serving complimentary genuine Detroit Coney Dogs the night of the big fight at "CLOCK Restoration". 

The following is a history of the legendary hot dog:

There is constant debate about when and where the Coney Island hot dog was first served. However Jane and Michael Stern, writers of 500 Things to Eat Before it's Too Late state that "there's only one place to start, and that is Detroit. Nowhere is the passion for them more intense."


American Coney Island & Lafayette Coney Island


The "American Coney Island Hot Dog" restaurant founded in 1917 celebrated one hundred years in existence earlier this year. American Coney Island in downtown Detroit rose to international fame selling their simple recipe; a hot dog on a steamed bun with loose chili, mustard, and chopped onions.

Founded by Gust Keros a Greek Imigrant who started off with just a hot dog pushcart in 1910 his Coney Island recipe became a Motor City favorite. In 1924 Gust's brother Bill Keros who worked at Amercan Coney Island left and opened his own restaurant Lafayette Coney Island next door with a different recipie. They still face off in friendly rivalry today.