Clock Restoration features of the week: April 26th - 29th

Patty Melts!


Lunch special of the week: Patty Melts - Hot or Not? Choose either provolone or a spicy pimento cheese along with grilled onions and Texas toast. YUM!

Cocktail of the Week: The Air Mail


With the NFL draft happening this Thursday, many teams will be looking for a quarterback that doesn't "airmail" their receiver. That is why we are introducing the "Airmail" as our cocktail of the week. Learn more about the recipe here.

Salmon Chesapeake


Surf and Surf! Salmon Chesapeake is our latest entree of the week.



Blantons is back after a long hibernation. We've kicked in up though with a single barrel select! 


Make a reservation here.  

See you all soon! 

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