Clock Restoration: Breaking the Ice


Ice is to the bartender as fire is to the chef. In the same way a skilled cook would use varying levels of heat to prepare a multitude of dishes, a bartender uses varying amounts and types of ice to better compliment each cocktail. At CLOCK we are often asked how we achieve such clear ice. 


CLOCK uses Clinebell ice which we acquire in the form of a 300lb solid block. Clinebell ice is chilled in large tubs from the bottom up, while pumps circulate the water on the top layer, this process removes impurities and air pockets from the ice leaving it as clear as glass. Then all that's needed is a chainsaw, and chisel to finally break it into cubes.



Why do we do so much for clear ice? Well as with diamonds, ice in a cocktail is heightened by its clarity, density, size and cut, all of which add to the quality and enjoyment of your favorite cocktail. 


And voila!  Not only does the ice add to the aesthetics of this cocktail, but the dense clear cube will melt much slower which is perfect for spirit heavy cocktails like the Old Fashioned.