Cigar & Spirit Pairing: Fonseca & Lost Ark

Join us on Wednesday, July 30th at 6pm as we feature Cigar Aficionado's 18th best cigar of 2020, the Fonseca's Petit Corona and a Maryland local spirts company, Lost Ark Distillery.  



Heritage brand Fonseca was recently acquired by My Father Cigar and wasted no time in recapturing it's old glory by nabbing the 18th spot in last year's Cigar Aficionado's top 25 list.  We will be joined by Tom McCormick who will share Fonseca's long history and the details of My Father's decision to bring Fonseca into the fold. 



Lost Ark Founder and Head Distiller got his start as a home-brewer. He then jumped into distilling chasing a passion rooted in the history and art of creating many different spirits. After serving on Active Duty in the Army for many years, he knows how to bring the military "attention to detail" motto to the team. All of these qualities fuel the fire in the pursuit of perfection in the art of distillation, building the perfect mash bill, and creating new flavors that you’ve never had before. Enjoy a welcome cocktail featuring the Lady Anne White Rum, the Fonseca Petit Corona and a pairing of Lost Ark's Verrazano Hazelnut & Coffee Rum, Award Winning Terra Mariae Spiced Rum and Trailblazer Bourbon.  

We are looking forward to your joining us. We are going to have special deals on both the cigars and spirits for the week of the event. If you are not a member you can purchase tickets here.