Charred Oak & Lavida Habana Cigars


Any cigar connoisseur worth his salt knows that a stick with premium wrapping, binding, and filling will create a supremely satisfying smoke. And any cigar connoisseur worth his salt knows that he has to look no further than Lavida Habana for a premium smoke. Carefully crafted as “the answer to the Cuban cigar,” each Lavida Habana cigar carries a rich legacy of tobaccos from Nicaragua, Peru, and Brazil, all wrapped with the finest Ecuadorian leafs. Self coined the international cigar, LH cigars contain an exploration in flavor from around the world. This cigar has quickly become the favorite of most top shelf cigar lounges. Some cigars pride themselves in their tobacco, some pride themselves in the blend, some even cater to the specific palate of the aficionado. With Lavida Habana cigars, it is all of the above.


What better way to enjoy a premium cigar than by pairing it with a quality whiskey like Charred Oak? Each bottle of Charred Oak bourbon is filled one at a time with hand crafted all natural product. This award winning whiskey has no artificial coloring or additives, and is brewed in small, pure batches. It has a great nose with cherry overtones, initial flavors of charred oak, and finishes off with a slightly sweet vanilla taste. Many consider this to be the cigar smoker's whiskey.


Don't take our word for it, come join us in the Office Lounge and see for yourself. On Wednesday, January 17 from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., The Office Lounge will be holding a pairing featuring Charred Oak with Lavida Habana cigars. Each guest will receive a cigar and a pour. Reps will be present from both companies to speak on behalf of their products. All members receive free admission and guests of members will receive a discounted ticket. Ticket link available below.