QG's latest updates February

Give the Gift of Engraving

Hand engraved bottles are back again. This time for Valentines Day including bottles of delicious Delola Spritz Cocktails for her. Buy Here

Sip & Shop

On Feb 7th starting at 4pm, you can pick up your engraved bottle, enjoy a tasting of bourbon and/or Delola spritz cocktails while you shop our Seasonal Sale on the 5th floor. 

    Custom Promo

    Don't forget our custom sale. If you are new to the custom process or are a veteran, this is our best time of year to take advantage.

    Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

    At the QG we make it fun and easy for you with our one stop shop concept but we are about to make it even easier for you on the week leading up to Valentine's Day. You can also buy a trio of the Delola Cocktails for a package price of $80 or a trio of Chloe Wine (Rosé, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc) for $60.


    We have reorganized the haircut services to feature our Skin Fade and Precision Haircuts that require more time to complete. See our article on how every haircut is not just a haircut. 

    Our combination of Haircut and Beard Trims are also now packaged in their own category now to make selections even easier. 

    Clock Restoration

    New menu items have been launched over the past few weeks. We now have two new salads. The Steak and Crumble and a Seared Tuna on a Beet and Pear Salad. 

    We have added several new cocktails including an Espresso Martini and three Spritz Cocktails. To round out the menu we also added a few popular standards like an Orange Crush, Transfusion and a Old Bay Bloody.