Bourbon & Bowties 2024

Bourbon and Bowties Baltimore 2024

Bourbon & Bowties was a huge success this year due to your support.  On Thursday May 9th, we gathered at the B & O Museum on Pratt Street for the 14th annual fundraiser. This year was a record raise topping $300,000 and supporting four amazing charities: Cool Kids Campaign, Oyster Recovery Project, Semper Fi and America's Fund, and Boys Hope Girls Hope


Well we moved inside this year due to the forecast calling for thunder and lightening. We were fortunate to miss the bulk of the storm for our smaller outdoor footprint, but the inside move did prove to make for some great memories. The B&O roundhouse was on full display with the historic trains and displays.  Acoustics for the band and the silent auction were amazing and will be tough to repeat outside. 


It's the headliner of our event and there may not be another event that collects as many bourbons under one roof. Although it's hard to believe, not everyone is a fan of bourbon🤣, so the event also serves Tito's vodka, On The Rocks ready made cocktails, Key Brewery beer, Delola spritz cocktails and wine and champagne from Platnum Crush. 

Maryland Mobile Bar's Airstream served On The Rocks Manhattans, Old Fashioneds and Jalapeño Pineapple Margaritas. Delola Spritz Paloma and Orange Cocktails and Key Brewery Speed Wobble IPA craft beer. 

Tito's Vodka and Bourbon & Bowtie premier sponsor pulled up their RV and served vodka cocktails like Moscow mules 

Dickel Bourbon Whisky served several aged expressions

Four Roses Bourbon was last year's Bourbon and Bowtie Barrel pick let some of our well dressed ladies take home bouquets. 

John Moore was pouring Old Forester, Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Rye and Double Oaked Bourbon.  

Michters Bourbon made mainstream through being featured as the bourbon of choice on Billions was sampling four of their expressions.

 Fully stocked with Wild Turkey, Russel's Reserve & Wilderness Trail Bourbons 

High West Rendezvous blended rye and double rye whiskey and Nelson Bros. Bourbon Whiskey. 


B&B is an Experience

We want Bourbon & Bowties to stand out as an experience. When you entered this year, you were welcomed by Platnum Crush Champagne. Can you think of a better way to get started? 


The QG has a village which includes the Airstream from Maryland Mobile Bar, our restaurant, Clock Restoration, an outdoor cigar lounge and fresh coffee and donut creations from our friends and Chesapeake Bay Coffee Co. 

Chesapeake Bay Coffee Co made their first appearance and were a big hit adding some sweetness to Bourbon & Bowties

Tom McCormick from My Father Cigar's joins the QG team in this photo along with his My Father CT and Oferta Cigars as well as Fonseca Cigars. Clock Restoration partnered with McCormick Spice Company to do a twist on our deviled egg appetizer we offer which of course included old bay! 

This is the 2nd year of our Bourbon wheel roulette. This year we had a custom wheel made with the B&B logo so it will be a staple for years to come.

We gave away single barrel expressions of Blantons and Four Roses. Our last two barrel picks.

Since our move from the porch at the Capital Grille, B&B hosts live music every year. The fusion of jazz, big band and blue grass had the crowd hitting the dance floor. 

Maker's Mark was not only serving their Original and Maker's 46 Bourbon Whiskey, but also shining your shoes while you were drinking it! 

We partnered with Grid Iron golf this year. QG clients invented this game that pairs golf putting with the strategy and scoring of football. You can learn more about them here.

Blade and Bow Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey was on hand with their horse trailer converted bar and the bench provided with ample "selfie" opportunities. 

Our silent auction was full of curated Baltimore legendary memorabilia and art like this signed Brooks Robinson jersey and baseball. 

We got the EATS!

A big thanks to all of the restaurants that supported us not only this year but through the hardships in continuing to sponsor through the pandemic. 

True Chesapeake Oyster House bringing their best and freshest oysters for the night are also part of the Oyster Recovery Partnership's shell recycling program. 

Local Fry made it's first appearance this year.

Bites like lobster rolls, fried goat cheese and layered deliciousness amongst 25 plus restaurants proved to be plenty of food with no lines or wait. 

Date Night

Babysitters were getting overtime pay, as couples are marking this night on the calendar. Couples were wearing their best to pose for the cameras.

We still enjoyed the outside. We added two tents attaching them to the roundhouse. Luckily it didn't rain or storm so we also enjoyed the outside without tents.

Taking pictures was made easy this year especially in front of these historic locomotives. The B&O is a truly special venue to hold an event. 

That's a Wrap!

QG Community Charity's board of directors with Jason Newton and the Director of the B & O Museum.


We want to thank everyone for attending this year. It was a huge success due to your support and the support of our sponsors, volunteers and vendors. Join us next year on Thursday May 8th 2025.