Bosca Monogramming



Monogramming is the process of marking an item with an individual’s, couple’s, or company’s initials in order to show ownership and individual style.

Originally, the monogram was used in antiquity as a royal signature and seal. Initials were carved on coins to mark the reign of a particular ruler, or to show the city in which you were located.

Later, with the rise of the bourgeoisie in the Victorian Era, monograms became a symbol of power and aristocracy. People believed that monogrammed letters marked on their clothes, cutlery, and other goods were a sign of prestige, so soon every household displayed their own form of monogram styles.

Today, monogramming has become more of an identifier of a person's individual style and way to personalize belongings. In a world of mass production, it gives discerning customers an opportunity to make something unequivocally theirs.


April 5th-11th Bosca Free Monogramming

Any Bosca product you order from the QG will receive a complimentary monogram courtesy of Bosca from April 5th to the 11th. This would make an ideal preemptive fathers day gift or just a great way to add a personalized flare to your own style. 

*Products must be ordered in store to receive complimentary monogramming*