Blazing a Trail! New sports coats have arrived at the QG

New Arrivals

Blaze a Trail!

Three new sports coats/blazers have arrived to the QG. These blazers are light weight, unconstructed (limited lining and natural shoulders) and with handsome patterns and textures. These will be perfect for the spring events like bourbon and bowties, the Preakness and steeplechase season. See above blazer online here.

Sky Blue Textured Wool Blazer. Very versatile and can be worn with any combination of shirting and trousers.

This blue and brown patterned blazer again is versatile and pairs well with small patterned and striped shirting and any color trouser or even a pair of jeans.

New additions for May

The blazer on the left is actually a jacket of a suit. This suit would be aperfect "Preakness" outfit because of the pattern included on the trousers.  You can also wear this as a blazer with another pair of trousers in khaki, gray or blue. 
The blazer on the right is a tight pattern that is versatile beyond the Preakness and is also part of a suit. Want something that stands out a little more or may pair well with your date's outfit, try this pink and blue pattern
Have trouble with fit with most ready to wear jackets and suits? Don't forget we have a tailor on site. We are about 10 business day turn around. We do offer priority service for a fee. 

Make an appointment with Ronald if you'd like him to style a whole outfit for you instead of worrying about it yourself. The QG makes it fun and easy to look your best so you can focus on your success. 

Reserve your blazer/sport coat here.


Bowtie Cufflinks - Add these to your cuffs along with your bowtie for a trio of bowties.

Add a hat or lapel pin. These curated feathers are attached to bullet casings by a local artist and will create an additional flair for your outfit.