Best La Aroma De Cuba Cigars for the Summer

La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Mi Amor Reserva at the QG

In a hectic and busy life, it’s important to take a second to slow down. One of our favorite ways to relax is with a cigar, and what better cigar than La Aroma’s Mi Amor and Mi Amor Reserva. Enjoy 25% off of Mi Amor and Mi Amor Reserva cigars for a great start to Father’s Day. 

In the 1890’s La Aroma De Cuba became a well established, if not famous cigar brand originating from Cuba. The cigars were well known for their captivating flavors and harmonizing strength.

La Aroma’s ascent into fame was due to a very famous patron, Winston Churchill. The Cuban cigar didn’t have much success abroad until 21 year old Churchill tried the brand while traveling to Cuba as a military observer in the Spanish Army. While stationed there he became inseparable from the Cuban treasure, and kept them nearby for the rest of his life. In later years the cigar was discontinued, and wasn’t thought about again until 2003.

In 2003 the brand was brought back to life by cigar maker Don Pepin Gracia. Gracia restored the brand back to its former glory by using Cuban seeds grown in the best climates of Honduras. Gracia has brought rebounding flavor and texture to the famous cigar. La Aroma De Cuba has worked hard to regain its name, and now receives 91 to 95 ratings on its cigars.

La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor at the QG

Mi Amor 

With a rating of 95, Mi Amors are handcrafted in Nicaragua and rolled with silky maduro wrappers. This cigar has flavors and aromas of dark cocoa, crisp spice, and rich espresso.

La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Reserva at the QG

Mi Amor Reserva

Full bodied and sophisticated, Mi Amor Reservas are made from oscuro wrappers from San Andres. This cigar, with flavors of dark cocoa and peppery caramel, gives you a kick with a hint of sweetness. 








Stop by The QG's third floor to try these cigars and experience their amazing flavor and texture. Take a day to spend time relaxing in our cigar lounge and experience what Churchill fell in love with almost a century ago.

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