A New Kind of Custom Clothing


Our easy-to-wear, Northern Italian construction features soft jackets, soft fabrics, and light canvassing. Combine a lighter build with an open weave fabric like the Hardy Minnis' Fresco weave, and you can take our jackets from the workplace to the weekend.

7583942880_IMG_1558 (1).JPG

Soft, clean, and crisp lines make for a jacket that breathes and drapes well.


The original travel fabric: The high-twist weave of Fresco offers less creasing and a sharper look--all without synthetic fabrics. 


Pair our soft constructed Fresco jackets with a white spread collar for the office, or a button down chambray for a night out. 


It's all about the details. Our soft constructed jacket still include working buttons, hand-sewn Milanese button holes, and optional full canvas.