A Look At the Iconic Bedale Barbour Jacket

The Barbour Bedale has become a signature item in our collection of waxed jackets. Lightweight, stylish and versatile, it’s not hard to see why the Bedale has become so popular among Barbour wearers over the years.

In this post, we take an in-depth look at the iconic Barbour Bedale jacket. From delving into the roots of the Bedale, including its origins, to providing some expert styling tips on how to wear this classic outerwear piece, and highlighting its timeless features, read on to find everything you need to know about this Barbour jacket.

The history of the Barbour Bedale jacket

First produced in 1980, the revolutionary Bedale was the first of its kind for Barbour: short, lightweight and made for riding. Dame Margaret, Chairwoman of J Barbour & Sons, originally designed the Bedale with equestrian practicalities in mind - shorter length, relaxed fit, rear vents and a Nylon inner, which provided some much-needed water resistance, ensuring any damp from riding didn’t seep into the jacket.

How to wear the Barbour Bedale jacket

The shorter style of the Bedale lends itself to a more casual look. Perhaps one of the most versatile offerings from our waxed jacket collection, the Bedale can be styled in a variety of ways and will complement just about any outfit in your wardrobe. Suitable for year-round wearing, one of our favourite ways to style this jacket is with a relaxed t-shirt and jeans (can be special ordered from either location), or with cropped chinos, and finished with a classic tartan shirt. Whilst the Bedale is often associated with country life, it has evolved over the years. Adapted to become a multifunctional jacket to suit everyone from country lovers to city-goers, the Barbour Bedale wax jacket is suited to a range of lifestyles and settings. After all, we all need a durable, waterproof jacket no matter where we reside.


Barbour Bedale Jacket features

Two-way zip: Reinforced by a hardy stud fastening, a two-way zip keeps the wind and rain out, which glides open and closed like a dream. As a signature finishing touch, the Bedale zip is embossed with our classic Barbour logo.

Generous pockets: The Barbour Bedale jacket features moleskin-lined hand-warmer pockets, as well as generous bellow pockets, which provide plenty of space for storing all your essentials.

Versatile collar: A Barbour favourite, the jacket features a luxurious corduroy collar, which can be styled up, down or raised for maximum protection from the elements.

100% cotton lining: The classic tartan lining that we’ve all come to associate with Barbour makes a great addition to the Bedale jacket, providing warmth, comfort and style.

Enhancements: Another great feature of the Bedale is that it’s compatible with our range of removable hoods and liners. This means you can enjoy your Bedale jacket all year round and switch up your style whenever you feel like it.


What is the difference between Barbour Bedale and Classic Bedale?

You may have noticed that there are two versions of this jacket: the Barbour Bedale and the Classic Bedale. First, the classic Bedale is made using Barbour’s 6oz Sylkoil, which is a more traditional method that features a matte, wind-resistant finish with a soft and smooth feel. In contrast, the Barbour Bedale provides a contemporary finish. Designed with mediumweight 6oz waxed cotton, sometimes referred to as ‘thornproof,’ the Barbour Bedale jacket has a shinier finish and features increased weather resistance. Overall, both jackets will provide you with practicality, durability and style, and the one you choose is likely dependent on personal preference and its intended purpose.

What is the difference between the Barbour Bedale and Beaufort?

Both popular styles and staples of our classic collection, the Bedale and Beaufort do share a number of characteristics. However, the main difference between the two is length. The Beaufort is just over 8cm longer than the Bedale. Whether you opt for short or mid length will depend on what you'll be doing whilst wearing the jacket, what you’ll be wearing underneath it and the type of look you want to go for. The Beaufort offers an additional inner pocket, whilst the Bedale has rear vents. Both are waterproof and durable.

Is the Barbour Bedale Waterproof? 

We’ve touched on the inner lining, but what about the rest of the Bedale jacket? Like many of our waxed cotton products, the Bedale offers resistance to rain due to the naturally water-repellent properties of the fabric. Treated with high quality, 6oz Sylkoil, which is applied to cotton straight from the loom, rain is able to roll off the surface of the jacket, keeping you warm and dry.

Barbour Bedale Review

A versatile piece, the Barbour Bedale jacket provides you with complete freedom when deciding how to wear it. Lasting for years to come, the Bedale will give you plenty of time to perfect your style. Take a look at the fantastic reviews of this wardrobe staple below.

“The Bedale wax jacket is very well made and incredibly warm. It protects against the elements very well but is not restrictive to movement. It's my go to outdoor jacket for cooler or inclement weather.” - Simon P.

“Ordered two Bespoke Bedales before Christmas and couldn’t be more pleased the quality as always is top class and so was the service. We have had Barbour Jackets for years and they never let you down” - Angela J.

“Great finish quality and prompt service. Relaxed fit with room for warmer winter layers.” - Aaron R.

“Well made jacket , comfortable to wear and plenty of pockets , a very good product” - Terry H.

“I bought this to replace an old jacket of similar type which was finally just that bit too battered. I picked a black one which looks very smart. It is well-made, comfortable and warm. I should buy another but if it lasts as long as its predecessor, I doubt I shall need to do so.” - Philip B.

Available in four different colourways and with a range of additional accessories, you can find a Barbour Bedale jacket that suits your sense of style. We also have the Beadnell jacket, which is similar to the Bedale but cut to a feminine silhouette for women. There’s something for every member of the family here at Barbour.